The Dog Food Awakening! 狗粮的觉醒!

What? 什么?

More than 90% of dog parents opt for dry dog food due to its convenience, extended shelf-life, and easy storage. Ever wonder why this food can last so long on the shelf? Could it be due to the preservation agents? If so, is it still nutritional?


Why? 为什么?

Try to imagine eating dry food as the main meal for the rest of your life. Is it sustainable? And this is what we feed our dogs. If we genuinely care about our dogs, it's time to change their diet.

尝试想象一下,您每一天主要的膳食是饼干,吃一辈子的饼干,您愿意吗? 吃一辈子的饼干,您的感受是什么?而这正是我们许多人每一天在喂养我们家人狗狗的食物。如果您真的关心您的狗狗,现在是改变它们的膳食的时候了!


Who? 谁?

We provide an alternative, our food is wet and moist, 100% natural, can be stored at room temperature without preservatives, and easily served in just 5 seconds! Yes, you read it correctly. Maintaining the convenience in dog food, but very much healthier. 

如果告诉您有一个替代选择,您愿意为您的家人狗狗提供一个更好的选择吗?这种食物既湿润又新鲜。100%新鲜食材,因为包装采用新科技技术,因此不需要添加剂,也没有防腐剂,还可以在室温下保存一段时间。 包装简单便捷,并且,只需5秒钟就可以给您的狗狗上菜!


Where? 在哪里?

At Somethingdoggy, we've created a special diet, crafted by pet nutritionists, because we always wanted the best for our dogs. Once they try our meals, they'll be begging for more! No more picky eaters!

在 Somethingdoggy,因为我们一直希望为我们的狗狗提供最好的,因此我们已经打造了一款特殊的膳食,是经由宠物营养师精心调配,狗狗只要尝试了我们的膳食,一定会爱上,从此不再挑食!在Somethingdoggy没有挑食的狗狗!

When? 什么时候?

Change their diet now!现在就改变!


How? 如何?

Get Doggy SuperFood from Somethingdoggy, which is rich in prebiotics, the superfood that fuels probiotics. Our unique blend promotes probiotic growth, assisting probiotics in strengthening the gut, improving digestion, and boosting the immunity system, effectively shielding our dogs from all types of illness.