Our unique blend of natural prebiotic promotes probiotic growth, assisting probiotic in strengthening the gut, improving digestion, and boosting the immunity system, effectively shielding our dogs from all types of illness.


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The Amazing Doggy SuperFood
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Beef -Low-fat No Spices Beef-Buy5 Free2 无香料低油脂牛肉-买5送2Chicken-30 Packs Low-Fat No Spices-(30包无香料低油脂鸡肉)Chicken Low-fat No Spices-Buy10 Free5 无香料低油脂鸡肉-买10送5Chicken Low-fat No Spices-Buy5 Free2 无香料低油脂鸡肉-买5送2Dory Supremo-Buy10Free6! 多莉鱼至尊-买10送68-pack Assorted (4 types of meat)Big Bundle-30packs (3 types of meats)大礼包30包(3款肉类Mutton(Pumpkins) Buy 5 get 2 FREE 羊肉诱惑(金瓜)买5送2Beef Buy 5 get 2 FREE! 牛肉买5送2!Beef Buy 10 get 5 FREE! 牛肉买10送5!Chicken Buy 10 get 5 FREE! 鸡肉买10送5Chicken Buy 5 get 2 FREE! 鸡肉买5送2Chicken Buy 30 @RM7/Pack 鸡肉-买30包(每一包只需RM7)Duck Turmeric Buy5 Free 2! 黄姜鸭肉-买5送2Duck Turmeric Buy10 Free 5! 黄姜鸭肉-买10送51 Pack of Homemade Dehydrated Chicken Snack (50g) 1包宠物鸡肉片风干零嘴1 Pack of Homemade Dehydrated Beef Snack (50g) 1包宠物风干牛肉零嘴 原汁原味1 Pack of Homemade Dehydrated Chicken+Goji Berries Snack (50g) 1包鸡肉片+枸杞风干零嘴

Rotate your protein sources to reduce allergen exposure。研究证明让狗狗食用不一样的肉类,有助于减少狗狗对特定蛋白质的长时间暴露。达到减轻可能导致过敏或食物不耐受的风险,同时确保狗狗获得多样化的营养。

Delivery normally will take 5 to 6 working days

Zero Risk, Money-Back Guarantee if your doggy doesn't like it! 

Small Batch For Freshness

We take immense pride in our Doggy SuperFood, carefully crafted in small batches to uphold high standards, and with a commitment to fast-moving stocks, ensuring optimal freshness.


No refrigeration & no heating required

Store at room temperature.



Easy travel just tear and serve in 3seconds


Shelf life is 1 year, but we advise to finish within 6 months.


Delivery will take 3-5 working days, depending on the courier service.配送时间为3-5个工作日,具体时间取决于快递服务.

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Anytime, Anywhere!

Wet Dog Food Served in less than 3 seconds


01. Tear to open撕开

Simply tear open without heating.

02. Pour into bowl倒入碗

Pour into doggy's bowl.

03. Serve喂食

Serve to doggy, all in 5 seconds.

Serve on its own or mixed with regular food. 可以单独作为膳食,或者搭配平时的狗粮中。

You can serve the Doggy SuperFood pack on its own or mix with your dog's regular food to provide additional nutrition that complements dry dog food.
您可以将Doggy SuperFood单独作为美味的膳食,或者混合搭配到平时的狗粮中,为您的狗狗提供额外的营养,弥补干狗粮中可能存在的不足之处

what is so different about our dog food ? 


Probiotics, the friendly bacteria that live in doggy's gut, known for boosting digestion and the immune system, contributing to a happier, healthier dog. They need fuel, this is where Somethingdoggy's is unique, for it has the superfood that probiotics need; the prebiotics!

Studies have uncovered a startling statistic – 6 out of 10 dogs might face the threat of cancer. However, here's the good news: Dogs indulging in our prebiotics-rich wet food enjoy a remarkable 90% reduction in this risk!



Important about prebiotic! 


Get Doggy SuperFood from Somethingdoggy, which is rich in prebiotics, the superfood that fuels probiotics. Our unique blend of prebiotic promotes probiotic growth, assisting probiotics in strengthening the gut, improving digestion, and boosting the immunity system, effectively shielding our dogs from all types of illness.



Our Doggy SuperFood's Pack are filled with Key ingredients every dog needs, Every pack provides your dog with the complete nutrition they require.

  • Gluten Free
    Doggy SuperFood excludes wheat, barley, white rice, and oats from its composition.
  • Preservative Free
    Doggy SuperFood guarantees zero presence of preservatives in its formula. 
  • No Sugar Added
    No added sugar, an ideal choice
    ensuring dietary needs are met
    without sugar concerns.

Senior dogs 老年狗!

Senior dogs require a diet rich in high-quality protein and natural fats to support muscle repair, joint lubrication, skin health, and overall well-being as they age.
It’s the amount that matters, reduce their daily meal intake, but not the protein & fats!

Root cause of dog skin disease!


Dog allergies are not typically caused by the type of meat. Allergies develop when dogs are fed denatured protein over the long term, which is common in dry food produced at high heat, misleading us to believe they are allergic to fresh meat.


Something Doggy Supports SPCA
SomethingDoggy supports the SPCA and part of our proceedswill be channeled to the organization.

The Dog Food Awakening!


What? 什么?

More than 90% of dog parents opt for dry dog food due to its convenience, extended shelf-life, and easy storage. Ever wonder why this food can last so long on the shelf? Could it be due to the preservation agents? If so, is it still nutritional?


Why? 为什么?

Try to imagine eating dry food as main meals for the rest of your life. Is it sustainable? And this is what we feed our dogs. If we genuinely care about our dogs, it's time to change their diet.

尝试想象一下,您每一天主要的膳食是饼干,吃一辈子的饼干,您愿意吗? 吃一辈子的饼干,您的感受是什么?而这正是我们许多人每一天在喂养我们家人狗狗的食物。

Who? 谁?

We provide an alternative, our food is wet and moist, 100% natural, can be stored at room temperature without preservatives, and easily served in just 5 seconds! Yes, you read it correctly. Maintaining the convenience in dog food, but very much healthier. 

如果告诉您有一个替代选择,您愿意为您的家人狗狗提供一个更好的选择吗?这种食物既湿润又新鲜。100%新鲜食材,因为包装采用新科技技术,因此不需要添加剂,也没有防腐剂,还可以在室温下保存一段时间。 包装简单便捷,并且,只需5秒钟就可以给您的狗狗上菜!

Where? 在哪里?

At Somethingdoggy, we've created a special diet, crafted by pet nutritionists, because we always wanted the best for our dogs. Once they try our meals, they'll be begging for more! No more picky eaters!

在 Somethingdoggy,因为我们一直希望为我们的狗狗提供最好的,因此我们已经打造了一款特殊的膳食,是经由宠物营养师精心调配,狗狗只要尝试了我们的膳食,一定会爱上,从此不再挑食!在Somethingdoggy没有挑食的狗狗!

When? 什么时候?

Change their diet now!

How? 如何?

Get Doggy SuperFood from Somethingdoggy, which is rich in prebiotics, the superfood that fuels probiotics. Our unique blend promotes probiotic growth, assisting probiotics in strengthening the gut, improving digestion, and boosting the immunity system, effectively shielding our dogs from all types of illness.

Chocolate -  It's all about love

As a responsible dog owner, it's crucial to be informed about your pet's health, especially conditions like pancreatitis. Let's debunk common myths and understand this condition.

Myth 1: High Fat Causes Pancreatitis

Myth 2: High Protein Causes Pancreatitis

Myth 3: Dogs with Pancreatitis Must Be Put on a Low-Fat Diet.

While these myths contain some truth, they may not be beneficial long-term. Here's the reality behind pancreatitis:

The Reality Behind Pancreatitis
Fact 1: Pancreatitis isn't solely caused by a high-fat diet. Animal fat supports brain and heart health. Pancreatitis often arises from greasy human foods with additives, salt, and trans fats like fried chicken, bacon fat, noodles, bread, and dry food. Stop feeding dogs what you eat.
Fact 2: Dogs need high protein as they are carnivores. Their natural diet includes protein and some vegetables and fruits from prey. Dogs with pancreatitis can eat protein; try lean meat if concerned.
Fact 3: Initially, dogs with pancreatitis should follow a low-fat diet to reduce strain and prevent flare-ups. Long-term low-fat diets can cause coat, skin, and nose dryness. After recovery, add healthy oils like coconut or fish oil.

Remember: While low-fat diets are beneficial short-term, incorporating the right oils is essential for long-term well-being. If you notice dryness, add cold pressed oils to their diet.

Why choose Somethingdoggy?

Frequently asked Questions

How much a dog needs to eat a day on this superfood?

A good estimate would be 3% of your dog's weight. Example if your dog weighs 5kg, it would need 150g or a pack a day.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

Normal delivery estimated to be 5 days in Peninsula Malaysia, depending on the location. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the courier's traffic.

How many do you pack in a shipment? 

Our shipment comes in 1-4, 5 and 10 packs. If you need more, contact us through email or pm. 

My dog has skin disease, can he eat this superfood?

For sure. Our food is freshly cooked without additional flavorings or preservatives.

Can the SuperFood mix with kibbles or dry food?

 Yes, you can mix with kibbles or any other dry food.

Do you have autoship?

Not at the moment, but we are looking at it.

Can we mix dry and wet food?

Yes, you can mix and serve. Wet food is excellent as it is freshly cooked. You will notice once you fed your doggy with wet food, they will continue to eat wet food. Why not feed them what they like?

Do you need to heat the pack before serving?

  No heating. It's simple, just tear and serve. 

My dog poops a lot. Will this Doggy SuperFood help?

Because it was fed processed food with fillers, which is hard on digestion, most will end up as pooh. Feed your dog Doggy SuperFood, it will definitely poop lesser, at least by 30%.
I see you have 5 types of flavors. which should I buy?
 Start with Chicken and Beef, our newest recipes. The rest of flavors will be rolled-out soon.

I see vegetables in your meals, can dogs digest?

Yes. All these while we have been wrongly taught that dogs only eat meat or kibbles. Dog in the old days before domestication, they hunted and ate the game. When they ate, they always start with the stomach, they swallowed the veggies in it too. In small quantities, veggies and fruits' nutrients are good for dogs.

My dog has special needs, can I buy these food?

We have formulated different diets for all needs, just get in touch with us at manistrading@somethingdoggy.com, we will advise you.

How long can I store the food?

The shelf life is roughly a year. Once open you have to keep in the fridge and consume within 2 days.

Something doggy supports the society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals

The SPCA faces increasing operating costs for its shelter and needs your generous support. Every Ringgit counts for the helpless souls whose livelihood depends on the shelter. Purchase Doggy SuperFood™ from Something Doggy's online store, and a portion of the proceeds will go to SPCA. Your contribution is crucial and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity."